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Gary's Wine & Marketplace partnered with Imaginet's BI team to build Power BI dashboards that provided new business insights that they have never had before and that revolutionized their business decision making.

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After attending a brief Microsoft Power BI demo provided by Imaginet, Gary and Mike Fisch of Gary’s Wine & Marketplace  quickly saw the value of Power BI and the critical business insights that could be instantly gleaned from their sales, product, and customer data residing deep in the database of their Point of Sale (POS) system.



Imaginet Power BI consulting services - Success Story for Gary's WinesGary’s Wine & Marketplace immediately partnered with Imaginet and leveraged Imaginet’s 10-Day Power BI Quick Start to jump start their Power BI initiative. As part of this Quick Start, Imaginet worked quickly to configure the required software components, including a data warehouse in SQL Azure, Azure Data Factory to pull the data out of the POS system, and the initial Power BI data model(s) and reports.

In just 10 days, Imaginet was able to create Power BI dashboards and reports that provided business insights that Gary’s Wine & Marketplace never had before, including:

  • Top Customers by Store and by Category
  • Customer Count by Store and Source (in-store vs. online)
  • Customer Purchase History by Source, Location, and Category
  • Instant Sales Comparisons Over Time
  • Private Label % of Total Sales
  • Sales by Time of Day (to identify peak and lull times)

Total Duration: 10 days

Category Manager – Allows Gary’s Wine to manage the inventory levels, gross profit, and turnover for each category of product

Imaginet POwer BI consulting services - Power BI Dashboard sample 2

Customer Count – Allows Gary’s Wine to monitor customer count by store and source (in-store versus online)

Value Provided

  • Instant, self-service business intelligence dashboards for accurate decision making
  • Access to new business insights and data trends never experienced before
  • Faster and improved business decision making overall
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