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Hi, I’m Chris Jenkins, a senior solution consultant at Imaginet with over 12 years of experience developing all sorts of applications. I enjoy analyzing problems and developing solutions to overcome said problems as well as figuring out what the root causes were. Thanks for reading this article, hopefully you found it as interesting as I did while writing it.

Posts by Christopher Jenkins

Different Selection of .net Data Structure Has a Positive Impact on Performance 

Today, programmers often fail to consider the performance impact of certain programming choices. Computers have, and continue to, advance and their seemingly unlimited memory results in a programmer’s lack of programming considerations. In one of my recent projects, I had to search reference data from multiple large lists of data (between 500 – 4000 entries in each list) from a numeric ID field in another large list of objects. In this blog, I will explore the positive impacts a different selection of .net data structure can have on performance.    Adopting the standard naive approach of storing the reference data in a List and then using a LINQ query to … Read more

UX and Dev: A Perfect Partnership

There are many benefits of utilizing a UX designer’s expertise during a project, which include making it more efficient for the development team to implement the functionality. At a high level, a UX designer focuses on improving the interactions between a user and an application or website. In the past, these were often left up to us as developers,