Last updated Feb 28, 2023

Imaginet takes your privacy seriously.

Our Privacy Policy describes what personal information we collect, how the personal information is used, and how it may be disclosed. It also explains how we keep your personal information secure and how you can exercise your preferences.

Our promise to you

  • We will only use or disclose personal information that has been collected in accordance with this Policy and all applicable laws.
  • We will only collect and use the reasonable amount of personal information required.
  • We will not disclose your personal information to any third parties unless you are informed about the process in disclosures or agreements, and consent to the disclosure. An exception to this would be if we are allowed or required to disclose this personal information by law. 
  • This Policy will be updated as needed. Our last revision was February 28, 2023.

Your personal information is stored on Imaginet-controlled servers that are only accessible by those who reasonably require access. It has been secured using industry-standard security procedures that maintain the information in confidence. Your personal information may be stored and processed in the United States or any other country where Imaginet, its subsidiaries, affiliates, or agents are located. As such, your personal information may be subject to those countries’ laws.

When do we collect personal information?

Personal information may be collected when you fill out an online registration form, complete the Let’s Talk form on the website, or otherwise provide personal information to us. This ensures that we have a communication pipeline with you and that we can provide comprehensive solutions for your needs.

Information may be collected passively as you use the site. Cookies, pixels, and Google Analytics may assist us in determining browsing habits within this website and highlight which elements and pages are most valuable to users like you. This information will not contain any personally identifiable data unless you provide express permission to collect it.

To learn how you can opt-out of Google Analytics, please visit

This website contains links to third-party websites outside of Imaginet’s management. Unless expressly stated, Imaginet does not share your personal information with those websites.  This Privacy Policy does not apply to those websites, and Imaginet is not responsible for the information practices or content of those websites.

What personal information do we collect?

Contact information and business information may be obtained when you use our Let’s Talk form or reach out to us by phone, email, or otherwise. This may include your name, your business’s name, your phone number, and/or your email address. Any additional information that you provide about yourself or others, such as your technology needs, may be collected as well.

Location information may be collected when you visit our website through a mobile device. If you would prefer not to provide us with this data, your location settings can be changed on your mobile device.

How is the personal information used?

The personal information we collect may be combined in aggregate with other data and be de-identified in order to remove any reasonable possibility of identification. This aggregate information would be used for Imaginet’s internal purposes such as marketing and business analytics.

Any location data that is passively collected is not personally identifiable, and will only be used to determine which geographic markets are inquiring about our services in order to serve them better.

Personal information, business information, or information otherwise sent to us in our Let’s Talk form or page may be used to contact you for client service and marketing purposes. You are always able to unsubscribe from Imaginet’s marketing emails. However, if you are a client of Imaginet, we may still reach out to you with important information about our services over email even if you unsubscribe to marketing-specific emails.

The personal information collected may also be used in connection with job applications for employment at Imaginet if it is shared with us in that context.

Any personal information collected will not be shared with a third party unless we receive express permission from you to do so. An exception to this would be where Imaginet is allowed to and/or required to disclose this personal information by law. This might include a situation where a court order, subpoena, or similar request is made.

Personal information that we collect may be disclosed to our business partners who need to contact you about a product or technology solution.

Further Questions?

Any questions or concerns about our Privacy Policy or the personal information we may have about you can be directed to our Privacy Officer by email to

Alternatively, you can use the Let’s Talk page to send Imaginet a message and we will route it appropriately. Please include your name, the best time of day for us to reach you, your preferred email address/phone number, and the reason you are contacting us.

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