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Project Summaries

For over 25 years, Imaginet has been at the forefront of the software industry as a globally-recognized premier consulting and software development company.

Application Update Leads to Improved Performance and Functionality

Imaginet Resources CorpFeb 6, 20243 min read

A provider of real estate advisory services contacted Imaginet to assist them with an application we had previously developed for them. Most of the application was developed using .Net framework 4.8, which is now outdated. The application’s front end was…

Revised Application Improves Product Quality & Business Development  

Imaginet Resources CorpDec 5, 20233 min read

A well-known consumer packaged goods (CPG) company specializing in pet food that Imaginet does ongoing work for identified a legacy application they were looking to modernize. The old Java application was slow, with redundant data columns and information and a…

Modernized Application Results in Increased Productivity and Better Control Over Technology 

Imaginet Resources CorpNov 13, 20233 min read

A provincial agricultural services corporation had been using IBM Domino Designer to complete their organization’s projects. Designer is an outdated tool making it difficult to find someone who can support the maintenance of it. Very few developers are familiar with…

Modernized API & User Interface Optimizes Application & Performance

Imaginet Resources CorpNov 8, 20233 min read

A leading asset manager with an emphasis on real estate and financial services had been using an older REACT application to view and track data about loans and transactions. The user interface could have been faster, and the database on…

Updated Parcel Tracking Portal Allows Customers to Access Most Recent Business Features

Imaginet Resources CorpOct 31, 20233 min read

A leading Canadian retail logistics provider had an existing parcel tracking portal based on a .NET 5 backend and a React frontend. However, these technologies had become outdated relative to their business processes due to a lack of resources to…

New Application Provides Online Hub for Neurodiverse Individuals to Collaborate

Imaginet Resources CorpSep 28, 20233 min read

A major Canadian university reached out to Imaginet to create an application that provided an online resource for neurodiverse people and their families. The goal was to provide a space where neurodiverse individuals could share stories or provide insight into…

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