Project Summary

Application Update Leads to Improved Performance and Functionality

Application Update Leads to Improved Performance and Functionality

A provider of real estate advisory services contacted Imaginet to assist them with an application we had previously developed for them. Most of the application was developed using .Net framework 4.8, which is now outdated. The application’s front end was developed with version 8, but now Angular 16 is the most updated and recent version. An application update would improve the overall use, performance, security, and functionality of the application itself.  

Our Solution 

The application required an update so it would use .Net core and Angular 16 as the frontend. The client also requested other fixes that would improve the performance, such as moving some data processing from the Angular frontend to the backend. The admin functionality was bundled into the application, so we moved the admin functionality to a separate frontend website. 

Additionally, the application receives its report data from BI servers and massages it into a report, and then provides it to the users. Our client wanted to access that data from a SQL Server as opposed to an Analysis Server. Therefore, we had to modify the backend to ensure it would be able to handle the SQL Server.  

Why the Solution Was Helpful 

The performance of the application greatly improved and was more technologically updated. Our solution improved the performance of the application in several areas. For example, there were areas where multiple calls were being made for the same data. We were able to modify the frontend, so the data was only called once. In other words, instead of calling 100,000 rows three times, it only called it once, which was a significant improvement.  

Additionally, we optimized the caching in the application for some of the report types. Originally, the application was caching little blocks of data as opposed to a bigger block and then returning subsets out of it. We altered it so the backend would cache the bigger block, meaning it is only hitting the Analysis service once. The client would then get the views out of that single cache as opposed to caching each individual view. Overall, it is now more efficient and user-friendly, and the cache analysis and strategy have been improved.  

The client was happy with how significantly the performance of the application has been improved because of application update. They were also pleased with how we were able to fix the issues they had expressed needed to be fixed. 

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Technologies Used

  • SQL
  • Dax
  • Angular
  • C#
Application Update

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