Craig Phillips

Craig is a senior solution consultant specialising in software architecture, system & cloud infrastructure planning and implementation. Craig has over 14 years experience in analysis, design and developing backend systems including services, APIs, and databases.

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Using Configuration Files When Developing Projects with Xcode

For most products, having separate environments for testing and production is common. If you’re building an iPhone application (which utilizes a backend API service) you’ll likely have a variable containing the environment endpoint value. For simple applications, configuration changes could be managed using a debug conditional compiler directive. However, with larger projects or when targeting several environments, a more robust solution is required due to the project’s complex nature. In this case, we would use configuration files.   Configuration Files:  Xcode utilizes a simple file format, xcconfig, to manage application configuration externally from the project file or source code. These files consist of a collection of key-value pairs and can be … Read more