Darren Kuik

Darren Kuik is a Principal Consultant for Imaginet in Hamilton, ON. With over 20 years of experience as a software developer and solution consultant, he is highly engaged in identifying quality solutions that meet customer objectives and solve problems. His two decades of experience provide extensive familiarity with many modern technologies and a readiness to understand the customer's business domain.

Posts by Darren Kuik

5 Lessons Learned With SQL Always Encrypted

Microsoft introduced Always Encrypted with SQL Server 2016 as an approach to encrypting data at rest and in transit to protect personally identifiable information and financial transactions. Always Encrypted works by encrypting the data on the client side and hiding the encryption keys from the server. Without explicit permission and configuration, even database administrators cannot read the information stored in an encrypted column. This is obviously a significant step forward in security and allows users to confidently store information knowing only they control who can see it, whether it is in the cloud or on-premise.

6 Reasons to use angular instead of ASP.NET MVC (RAZOR)

Learn the six reasons why Angular is the superior option for building your enterprise applications over ASP.NET MVC (Razor).

What Makes A Good Software Consultant

Software consultants are experts in their field, providing valuable advice and guidance to businesses. Learn what makes a good software consultant, from technical skills to communication and problem-solving abilities. Get the insights you need to make the right hire for your business.