Liam Diehl-Jones

I am a solutions consultant with a focus on backend development for complex systems. My curiosity has always been my guide and it’s led me to a career in software development, its endless avenues for learning a perfect match for a forever student.

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The Imaginet Difference: An Exclusive Look at Imaginet’s Onboarding Process   

Most new developers are familiar with the dread of “onboarding.” Onboarding refers to the first few weeks or months of work, where new employees are expected to set up their workstations, learn about the company and its expectations, and graduate from being brand new to being a valuable member of the team. From my experiences and the experiences shared by other industry professionals, this sensitive period in one’s employment is often mismanaged by a variety of companies, no matter the size or industry. In this blog, we will explore why onboarding is such a minefield, and how Imaginet leveraged their expertise to ensure a positive onboarding experience for new consultants.    … Read more