Matt Hildebrandt

Matt is a versatile software developer focused on creating value and is proficient in C#, .NET, Python, and Power BI, which enables him to craft robust software solutions and extract data-driven insights. Matt's expertise allows him to bridge the gap between software engineering and data analytics, contributing to the success of projects. When not at work Matt lives in Saskatchewan with his young family enjoying the countryside and tending to his 600 trees he recently planted.

Posts by Matt Hildebrandt

Co-Develop in Power BI Desktop: Creating an NHL Draft 

In May 2023 Microsoft announced Fabric, an end-to-end, human-centered analytics product that brings together all an organization’s data and analytics in one place. Accompanying the announcement of Fabric are features that improve Power BI’s relationship with Developers. One such feature is the improved co-development experience.  How Are Several Developers Able to Work together in Power BI?   Until these recent announcements, it was difficult for more than one developer to work on reports or datasets in Power BI, and it was easy to overwrite someone else’s changes, resulting in lost work. Furthermore, when searching for a previous version of a report or attempting to re-deploy an accidentally deleted report on the … Read more