Serhii S

My experience in web development alternates between backend and fullstack. I love my work, so I always approach it responsibly and with the desire to make the next project even better than the previous one. I like to compare projects with books - they should be pleasant to "read" and contain carefully thought-out details that are sometimes nice to just look at and remember.

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Converting Angular to Blazor: What is Blazor, and Should You Make the Switch? 

Blazor is a somewhat new web framework used to create interactive web applications with ASP.NET and build web UIs using C# as the primary technology. The option to use JavaScript remains, but the primary language is C#. It’s recently had a bit of buzz in the tech world and people are interested in what it can do. The purpose of this blog is to highlight some of the benefits and why you might want to consider converting from Angular to Blazor.  Benefits of Blazor:  Drawbacks to Converting to Blazor:  Because Blazor is relatively new there are going to be some drawbacks. It’s important to consider these limitations to choose the … Read more