Extending SharePoint Using SharePoint Framework (SPFx) and Custom Development 

October 26, 2023

SharePoint Framework

While SharePoint’s modern experience provides impressive functionality updates and improvements, there are still several reasons why clients may want to further extend those features or add new features that will better facilitate their organizational needs. This can be as simple as adding a new web part displaying calendar events differently to more complex full custom solutions that integrate multiple 3rd party systems to push and pull data in and out of SharePoint. 

We can perform these tasks using the SharePoint Framework (SPFx) to customize existing features or build new features of our own. This framework allows us to keep it simple using only JavaScript or provides the option to combine with other full frameworks like Angular or React. In using these tools, we can create new web parts, extend navigation features, apply custom CSS, and perform more complex tasks by integrating with Azure Functions to push and pull information from 3rd party API’s.  

Some projects our Business Productivity Team has completed using SPFx include:  

  • A simple CSS font injection to administer the company-approved font choice for their Intranet.  
    • This was implemented via a SharePoint Extension that added the CSS to the Master Page.  
  • A video player that tracks the user’s progress to ensure completion, prevent skipping forward, and saves their place. 
    • We used an Angular Video Player solution wrapped into a SharePoint Solution Web Part. Saved information about progress was directed to a SharePoint list which would trigger a workflow to notify administrators of completion of the video. 
  • A full information request system for a large provincial energy company to manage the freedom of an information request system. 
    • Implementation was completed via multiple SharePoint Solution Web Parts, integrating with SharePoint lists and Power Automate to push items through the state system. We also utilized an Azure Function and Open Office to combine multiple documents into one and created a table of contents, headers, and footers for the newly generated document.  

The SharePoint Framework provides full support for SharePoint development. Because it is fully customizable the options for what it can do are, quite literally, endless. Imaginet has the experience necessary to take full advantage of the benefits offered by SPFx and take your organization’s SharePoint to the next level.  

If you have an idea or feel that SharePoint is falling short for you and your team, feel free to contact our sales team and we will discuss the best way to implement the solution you require. Make sure to follow our blog to stay updated on other industry trends and topics.  

Jesse is an expert on SharePoint Framework

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