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Power BI Reporting Improves Data Quality and Accuracy

Power BI Reporting Improves Data Quality and Accuracy

An Information Technology organization specializing in business solutions contacted Imaginet to create a more effective approach to their data reporting. They had been using Excel for reporting purposes and relied on manual manipulation of their data. Using Excel was neither effective nor efficient, and the manual work was leading to data quality issues. We determined the best solution for our client would be through Power BI reporting.  

What We Did: 

We recreated some of their existing reports in Power BI and created reports using data from Salesforce based on the following 2 requirements: 

  1. Tracking service requirements – they are required to respond in a certain time frame to meet their targets.  
  1. Sales forecasting report – future revenue and profit data needs to be accessible, as well as information about current opportunities they are exploring.  

We changed their data reporting system report by report. To begin, we created the semantic model in Power BI and pulled in all the data they had from Salesforce, cleansed it, and transformed it so we could build reports. We also created one consolidated data set that could build the client’s two report requirements. Our Business Intelligence team generated several measures and calculated columns which allowed us to build reports from that information.  

We also held weekly meetings and training sessions with our client. We would present the current state of the reports and they would provide feedback. If they were satisfied it met all requirements, we would mark the report as complete. If it was not fully meeting their requirements, we would modify it until our client was content. Involving our clients in the process is the best way we can ensure they are happy with all aspects of the solutions we provide. 

Why Our Solution Was Helpful: 

Our Power BI reporting solution led to a drastic improvement in data quality. The reports we created were more accurate compared to the previous Excel reports. When viewing the data in Salesforce and comparing it to the data in our reports, it was clear that data accuracy and quality were more aligned with the client’s needs.   

Efficiency also improved. Everything is now fully automated, which eliminates the need for any manual data manipulation. The process is much quicker and allows them to meet monthly reporting requirements in a timelier manner.   

Our client mentioned how helpful the training sessions and regular meetings were. They enjoyed being a part of the process, seeing the demonstrations, and understanding what phase we were in regarding the project.  

We highly recommend using Power BI reporting for obtaining organizational data. The accuracy and quality of these reports can provide valuable insights, which lead to better business decisions.  

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Technologies Used

  • Power BI
Power BI Reporting

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