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Recommender Systems 101

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Recommender Systems 101: What are they and how do they work? Recommendations appear everywhere. Netflix shows you movies you may like based on your watching patterns. And when you online shop, you may see suggestions like , “customers that bought this item, also bought this one,” or you see people you may know in social media platforms. These are examples of a type of machine learning called recommender systems. Machine learning applies mathematical algorithms and…

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Top 8 Business Benefits of Microsoft Power Apps

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Power Apps is Microsoft’s entry into the world of so-called low code development platforms. Like other offerings in this category, the idea is to provide non-professional developers a way to create business solution apps via an interface that minimizes the overall amount of actual coding required. Power Apps can also be leveraged by professional developers to crank out apps more quickly and with less complexity than traditionally done. If you aren’t already using Power Apps,…

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Preparing for Next Level Knowledge Management in Office 365 – Project Cortex

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Since the initial announcement of Project Cortex late last year, many organizations have been anxiously awaiting its arrival with the promise of turning traditional Enterprise Content Management (ECM) on its head with the use of Machine Learning and AI. Imaginet has been preparing by being an early adopter in the Microsoft Content Services Partner Program. Our current clients have been asking what impacts Project Cortex will have on their current Microsoft 365 environments, and clients…

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How to Use Microsoft Flow to Improve Productivity

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It can be lengthy process for Marketing Teams who are creating and publishing content to a company intranet, public facing website(s), or social media. The process starts with a team member writing an initial draft of content. The content then goes through a chain of emails and/or meetings for editing, reviewing, and approving. Once approved, the content is sent to another team to publish it to external sites or social media to start the campaign….

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Introduction: Getting to Know Microsoft Flow

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Long gone are the days when we need to bring in developers to create customized workflows to optimize our business processes. Today, Microsoft makes it easy to automate your business processes using Microsoft Flow. The best part about Microsoft Flow is that you don’t have to be a “power user” to create automated workflows between your favorite apps and services. Flow can run manually based on user actions, based on a cloud or on-premise event,…

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End of Life Support for Microsoft SharePoint 2013

By All Posts, Office 365, SharePoint

Have you heard? Microsoft has announced the upcoming end of life support for Microsoft SharePoint 2013 – and it’s coming up fast! But what does this mean for the rest of us who are not in the cloud and still have SharePoint environments running on SharePoint 2013? It means you need to start planning now for your upgrade to the next version, SharePoint 2016 or for your migration to SharePoint Online. For many of us,…

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