Primary Constructors (C# 12 Syntactic Sugar): A Guide 

Primary Constructors

With the introduction of .Net8 and C#12 in November of 2023, there were many significant changes to .NET and C#. One such feature in C#12 is the concept of a Primary Constructor. A Primary constructor replaces a class constructor with parameters on the class. The parameters for the constructor are available anywhere in the body of the class.   With Primary Constructor:  It is important to note that the class parameters are not fields of the class. The following code will not compile if used in SimpleClass, as foo and bar are not available on “this”.  Using a Primary Constructor can significantly improve the readability of your code, as it does away with a lot … Read more

5 Software Development Trends for 2024 

Software Development Trends

In the last few years, we have witnessed unprecedented changes and advancements in technology, which have impacted the world of software development. These changes have presented organizations with additional opportunities and have allowed them to achieve new successes. The ever-changing world of technology can be difficult to keep up with. Trends change quickly and new products and solutions are consistently introduced. We have compiled 5 software development trends to help you understand what to keep an eye on in 2024.   Artificial Intelligence Explosion  Artificial intelligence is opening doors for software development both in enabling efficient work experience for developers through tools like CoPilot, and by augmenting the applications themselves. AI … Read more

Understanding Microsoft Syntex: The Power of Intelligent Document Processing

Organizations deal with vast amounts of information in the form of documents, emails, and other structured or unstructured content. Unraveling valuable insights from these data sources can often pose a significant challenge. In today’s digital age, with the advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies, organizations have powerful tools like Microsoft Syntex to streamline document processing and enhance productivity.   Microsoft Syntex is content AI integrated in flow of work. Content AI transforms how content is created, processed, and discovered. Microsoft Syntex is a solution built on Microsoft 365 and SharePoint and powered by Artificial Intelligence. This helps organizations automate content processing, extract valuable information, and increase … Read more

Using Configuration Files When Developing Projects with Xcode

For most products, having separate environments for testing and production is common. If you’re building an iPhone application (which utilizes a backend API service) you’ll likely have a variable containing the environment endpoint value. For simple applications, configuration changes could be managed using a debug conditional compiler directive. However, with larger projects or when targeting several environments, a more robust solution is required due to the project’s complex nature. In this case, we would use configuration files.   Configuration Files:  Xcode utilizes a simple file format, xcconfig, to manage application configuration externally from the project file or source code. These files consist of a collection of key-value pairs and can be … Read more