HR Portal Increases Efficiency & Convenience

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A leading national retail logistics solutions provider contacted Imaginet to construct a human resources portal. The client had wanted the HR portal for some time and was interested in using SharePoint Online to build it. The portal consisted of three main components – a news site, an onboarding site for new employees, and a training site.

MS365 Tenant-to-Tenant SharePoint Online Migration

Microsoft Sharepoint Migration

Many situations can cause organizations to migrate from their current MS 365 tenant to a new tenant subscription. Common scenarios we encounter at Imaginet include mergers and acquisitions, brand spin-offs, corporate divestitures and sometimes something as simple as a typo in the root address can cause this exercise to be required. Microsoft is working on tenant URL renaming, but as of the print time, it is not yet available.

What is the Modern SharePoint Experience?

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With Microsoft’s introduction of the Modern experience in SharePoint, it can sometimes be difficult for users to distinguish between this new and more useful Modern interface and the original Classic experience. Fortunately, this article will provide a quick overview of the Modern SharePoint experience in order to give most users reason enough to move away from the Classic experience and start enjoying the many benefits of the Modern experience. The Classic SharePoint Experience It is easier to grasp the Modern SharePoint Experience after understanding what makes up the Classic SharePoint Experience. The Classic SharePoint Experience is, in many ways, an attempt to allow users to create a web-like intranet site … Read more