Simplified Search and Automation Improves Policy Management Process

Improve policy management process with search and automation technology. Streamline data entry, quickly identify policy conflicts, and improve accuracy with simplified administrative processes. Get started today and experience the benefits of improved policy management.

Understanding Organization-Wide Signatures and Disclaimers in M365

Organization-wide signatures and disclaimers are a valuable feature in Microsoft 365 (M365) for creating a consistent and professional appearance for all emails sent from your organization. These signatures can include your company’s logo, contact information, and other important details, and can be automatically added to all emails sent by employees. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the organization-wide signatures and disclaimers feature in M365 and how to create an organization-wide signature.

What is Microsoft Dataverse?

As data is the center of how we build an application, Dataverse is designed to be a central data repository to help you get the most out of your data, and it is more than just a database.

Dataverse is smart, it knows what good data management should be. Based on the shape of your data, Dataverse will smartly index it, store it, and make it accessible for different areas where your application land.

How Imaginet’s Business Productivity Practice Delivers a Project

Imaginet | Truested Microsoft Partner in Canada and US

In this blog post, I wanted to walk you, a hopefully potential customer, through a rough idea of how my team delivers a project. There are many different types of projects, from migrations, Intranet builds, process automation, and even fully custom development for features that M365 doesn’t capture. But today, I will walk through the simplest one, a single process automation project.

MS365 Tenant-to-Tenant SharePoint Online Migration

Microsoft Sharepoint Migration

Many situations can cause organizations to migrate from their current MS 365 tenant to a new tenant subscription. Common scenarios we encounter at Imaginet include mergers and acquisitions, brand spin-offs, corporate divestitures and sometimes something as simple as a typo in the root address can cause this exercise to be required. Microsoft is working on tenant URL renaming, but as of the print time, it is not yet available.

New Version of SharePoint On-Premise

SharePoint On Premise

SharePoint has been a leading content management and collaboration tool for organizations for over two decades. With the release of the new version of SharePoint On-Premise, users can expect to see a host of new features and improvements that enhance its functionality and usability. From improved integration with other Microsoft applications, to enhanced security features and more streamlined workflows, the new version of SharePoint On-Premise is designed to provide users with a seamless experience that boosts productivity and efficiency.