Unmasking the Threat: Phishing & Spoofed Emails

Anti Phishing and spoofing

With the evolution of technologies today, there have been many incidents of users falling for spoofing and phishing emails. According to phishing email statistics, approximately 3.4 billion spam emails are sent daily. In this blog post, we’ll provide the best practices to apply to your Microsoft 365 tenant to enhance your security to prevent users from receiving phishing and spoofing emails that could cause significant impacts within the company. Now, what is the difference between phishing and spoofing email?

Strengthen Security With Enhanced Reporting Feature in Microsoft Azure Active Directory

Azure AD MFA feature

Azure Active Directory’s Reporting Suspicious Activity feature helps you detect and respond to suspicious activities in your organization. Get real-time alerts, investigate suspicious activities, and take action quickly with our advanced security tools. Protect your data and stay secure with Azure Active

Uses of Intune in a Remote Work Environment

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Microsoft Intune is the perfect solution to help you manage and secure your remote work environment. It provides easy access to all your apps, data, and resources while ensuring compliance with organizational policies. Get started today and make sure your remote work environment is safe

Understanding Organization-Wide Signatures and Disclaimers in M365

Organization-wide signatures and disclaimers are a valuable feature in Microsoft 365 (M365) for creating a consistent and professional appearance for all emails sent from your organization. These signatures can include your company’s logo, contact information, and other important details, and can be automatically added to all emails sent by employees. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the organization-wide signatures and disclaimers feature in M365 and how to create an organization-wide signature.

Agile Project Management in Consulting

One of the key benefits of agile project management is that it allows for a more iterative and incremental approach to software development giving a faster Return on Investment (ROI) for the customer. Rather than trying to plan out every aspect of a project in advance, agile teams focus on delivering small, usable features of software on a regular basis. This allows the development team to be more responsive to changes in the project’s requirements or priorities, and to get feedback from users more quickly.

Implementing External Email Tagging in Outlook

external email tag

In this blog, let’s discuss implementing an ‘external’ tag identifier on your business email. This feature implements an “External” tag identifier on Outlook for email messages received from outside your organization. Microsoft created this feature in hopes that the external tag will help users easily identify spam and phishing threats from external senders. When someone outside your organization receives an email, an “External” title will be present in Outlook on the web, Outlook for Mac, Outlook for iOS, and Android. After clicking the external tag, the email address for the sender will be shown.

Work confidently with powerful project management tools

Project manager updating tasks and milestones progress planning with Gantt chart scheduling interface on a virtual screen, business background

In the software consulting world, traditional project management tools like Microsoft Project and Project Management Systems have limitations in managing agile software projects with remote and dispersed teams. At Imaginet, a Microsoft Gold Partner, they have revamped their project delivery process using Microsoft 365, PowerAutomate, and Planner to exceed their clients’ expectations and provide consistency in their delivery.

The Project Setup workflow process starts when a signed Statement of Work is received, and a request form is filled out. This workflow creates a Teams Channel for collaboration, communication, and document storage on SharePoint. The process also assigns resources, provides access to the SOW, and sets up a simplified Software Development Life Cycle using consistent folders for client-received requirements documents and Imaginet developed deliverables, as well as a project management collaboration folder for SOWs, Change Requests, Schedules, Status Reports, Budget Trackers, and Project Close-Out Report.

This consistency in the project delivery process provides transparency and accountability for each team member, affording the principles of Agile Methodology. It also supports the PMO and Project teams, ensuring continued service to clients even if the Project Manager goes out of the office. With Microsoft Planner, tasks are planned out and assigned, and resources are accountable for monitoring and updating their progress. Clients also have real-time visibility on the project progress through a weblink.

This process saves time and effort by eliminating long emails and document searches, allowing team members to focus on elevating the consulting experience with clients. The Microsoft 365 ecosystem allows for efficient communication, collaboration, and tracking of projects, and supports continuous improvement of their delivery process. With Microsoft 365, Imaginet has found a game-changer in delivering successful software projects with remote teams.